My Favorite Podcast

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I LOVE podcast! All you need is your phone, a podcast app, and your headphones and you can listen to your favorite shows no matter what your doing. I listen when I’m driving, mowing the lawn, washing dishes, …whatever! There is a podcast for EVERYTHING and I am going share some of my favorites that truly inspire me.


I’m not going to share ALL of the podcast I love to listen to simply for entertainment because some of my interest are kind of…hmmm…obscure? For instance, I like a few horror podcast and one that talks about Sasquatches because some of the guest have quite a delivery, but I’ll stick to sharing some of the wholesome fun goodness stuff with light adult language…if any.


Typically I shy away from anything political because right now political = depressing, but these podcast are so awesomely narrated in such a positive manner that you get drawn in.