About Me and My Site

Hey you! It’s me! Veronica!

Well hey there! I’m happy you came!  Welcome to my site Breathe In and Hold where I discuss mental and emotional health related topics without all the doom and gloom.  Come on in and look around! 

There’s some sugar free lemonade and Stevia packets on the table right here and on this table, there’s some baked chicken and ummm…hmmm.  On second thought, don’t bother with that…unless you have health insurance. and ummm… you sign this waiver that exempts me from all liability in the case that you experience some gastro-intestinal discontent. I don’t think I cooked the chicken on the right setting soooo…yeah.  But anyways, thanks for coming!  My site is kind of empty right now, still working on it and fussing with the maintenance people, but there are post you can check out that I think you will like.

Oh!  Excuse my manners, I didn’t introduce myself.  Well my name is Veronica Gray and this is my site, Breathe In and Hold!  The name is based on an anxiety and stress relief technique people use quite often when faced with challenging situations.  I was exercising this method while trying to get this site together, and said “Ah Ha!  That’s what I’ll call it!” My site will provide information related to emotional and mental health management which will include tips about finances, parenting, relationships, sex, and health because it’s all related to emotional and mental health management. 

This site was born from my strong desire to help others deal with and overcome their issues, get high on life, and try something new. I’ve suffered from the pain of various forms of trauma, I’ve found the strength to get help through therapy, self help media, and now I want to others help others by sharing what I learned, provide resources, and share my experience with various types of therapy, professional and alternative.

About me personally?  Well, I am a very single (in case you were wondering *wink*) single mom with an amazing tween. I like fitness, gardening, camping, and visiting caves. I am very curious about life and not afraid to explore.  I miss eating ice cream without the month long side effects. My dream is to see all the great Wonders of the World with my son by my side and to eat all of their food without suffering from extreme diarrhea 😦

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