Negative thoughts always have something to say!

Negative thoughts always seem to speak the loudest, don’t they?  I’m gonna personify negative thought, and here it is:

Boom!  Nailed it!  This animal represents Negative Thought.  So, it’s not a person, but look at him…or her.  This animal looks like it can hold a grudge like a vice grip and stays loaded with bullets of negativity:

“They don’t like you! All they do is talk about you behind your back.”

“That job is beyond your qualifications, why waste your time applying?”

“You can sit cross legged and ommmmmm all you want, you will never get out of your situation! I know you hear me!”

Yeap, that’s Negative Thought.  Negative thought loves to worry and complain.  It will continue to harp on past issues that have been resolved,  it will see things that aren’t there or have yet to happen, and it will take your mind to dismal places.

I struggled with Negative Though a majority of my adult life until I became serious about seeking help.  I was ready to truly face myself because something had to give. My first therapist was wonderful and set the bar very high for those who followed but honestly, I must credit to my father for being one of my best therapists, but I was too immature to follow his advice.  All of his advice sounded like silly hoodoo stuff. Well, imagine how I felt when she began to give me the same advice My dad wasn’t crazy after all.

It was through therapy that I learned how to talk to my negative mind despite how silly it seems.  I sometimes argue with myself internally but when I am really upset, you might hear me utter a few words here and there.  It still feels crazy, but I don’t care…it works! Here is an example of an argument I might have with myself on occasion:

Negative: Look at them, they are over there talking about me!

Me: So what! I don’t know that for sure and I don’t care! It’s going to have a good day today!

It also helps me to when I give Negative Thought a face, as I did above. I couldn’t find a creative commons picture that conveyed my idea of my negative inner person, so I tried to draw it. Here it ist:

Here is Sharon. Sharon is miserable. Sharon complains a lot. Sharon is hard on everybody. Sharon never has a hopeful outlook. Sharon is half crab which explains her hands.

This isn’t how Sharon really looks in my head but I am sure you get the point. A picture really helps with visualization. It helps me see her leaving when I tell her to go away.

I know it seems silly but you really should give it a try. What are some other positive methods you use to deal with your negative mind?

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