The Healing Powers of Fishing

Ok, I have a confession.  I am actually terrified of fishing. 

Remember the movie Caddyshack? I think it was Caddyshack…but anyway, I remember a scene where Chevy Chase swings his fishing pole back, preparing to cast the line into the water, well when the line swings back, it hooks another man in this throat or under his jaw. I was a child when I saw this and my memory could be a bit distorted but the fact is, a man got hooked around the neck area and that scene scarred me for life! If your fishing and I see your getting ready to swing your fishing pole, I automatically flinch. If your flailing your pole wildly I will run away! Nope! Nope! Nope! Your not hooking me!

Bad way to start a post about the healing powers of fishing huh?  Ha! I know but I couldn’t resist sharing that story!

And FYI, I tried to redeem myself when I was in Girl Scouts and let me tell you! I was so proud of myself! I put the worm on the hook and wasn’t grossed out. I threw my line in the water and it wasn’t long before I felt a pull on my line…yayyyyy meee! Well I reeled the line in and found that I caught….a big freaking crab!  It was huge and swinging at the end of my line. To prevent the crab from swinging into me, I started turning around in a circle with the pole pointed away, then I dropped my pole and ran!

Hey, I tried!

Despite my fiasco of an experience, there are many others who truly enjoy fishing. And I watch from afar with envy.

Let’s steer this conversation towards men and mental health. Speaking in general, men will not seek mental or emotional therapy unless they are made to do so and even then they are not eager to participate, but guess what fellas?  When you are fishing, you are engaging in one of the best forms of mental therapy!  

When life seems to keep you down, what do you do?  Ok, let’s take that beer out of the equation…what else do you do? Ok, look. Remove the beer, remove the couch, take away the TV…now, what do you do?  You fish and you enjoy it, why? Well:

  • To engage in your hobby, you go to a peaceful environment whether its a river, lake, ocean, or beach.  These areas are typically emotionally and mentally healing environments.
  • The focus on fishing takes your mind away from your problems.
  • As a result, your blood pressure is lower.
  • Sun increases serotonin, the happy hormone.
  • Nice gentle breezes, the rhythmic sound and movement of the water, the sound of the sea and land animals creates a wonderful hypnotic effect,

If you’re looking for a new hobby, this is a great one to consider and one day I will reconsider it myself.

I hope I made your day a happy one and gave you some food for thought.  Please subscribe to stay tuned for more ideas on how you can improve your mental and emotional well being.  Thank you for reading.

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